Guided Meditation Instruction

Hi, my name is Ash and welcome to our guided meditation site.

Meditation is many different things to different religions, cultures, traditions and people. All major religions have some element of meditation, yet the technique varies considerably between each practice. No one practice is right or wrong; a practice that works for one, may not work for another. But it is important to first establish that mediation is not bound by religion.

Meditation is about developing the mind to be free from the suffering that is caused by either physical or mental pain. Therefore, if you are interested in the topics of stress management, mind-body-spirit, holistic healing, peace and happiness or a path to relief from boredom and pain caused by conflict, then you have arrived at the right place. However, if you are interested in religious rituals, history and meditation theory, then I am sorry, you have arrived at the wrong place; you will not find that material here.

The goal of meditation is to know the mind, shape the mind and free the mind. The path to this goal can be made significantly easier and simpler when we distil the practice. Distillation is a process of making something pure. We can make meditation pure by filtering any religious colour from the practice. What remains is a universal mediation practice that is now applicable to all people.

My mission with this site and our products is to offer effective guidance in your meditation practice. The goal is to help you make your meditation practice as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. To achieve this goal we have created a simple step-by-step "how to" products.

The purpose of our step-by-step products is to have you practicing effectively and on the path to self healing as soon as possible. To set you up for success, our guided instruction first serves to free your mind of any misconceptions. The guided instruction then proceeds to establish the critical attitude you will require for a successful meditation practice. The instruction then continues to help you adapt an appropriate meditation structure for your lifestyle. Then the instruction proceeds with detailed step-by-step guided instruction on the meditation process itself. At this stage you are now armed with the correct attitude and understanding and are ready to start practicing. Our meditation practice facility provides support for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. This facility offers an optional guided instruction for the first 10min of your meditation session. Finally after your meditation session, there is a consultation area where you can seek remedies for the problems and distractions that you experienced in your session.

To re-iterate, the goal of our products is to help you make your meditation practice as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Remember, there will always issues, conflicts and problems, however by freeing the mind you will no longer suffer from pain.
Please take this opportunity to stay a while and preview our guidance mediation products, follow our tweets or even participate in discussion or feedback on meditation topics. We are your meditation companions so drop by anytime.
Best wishes on your patient journey ahead.