Beautiful girl

posted Aug 7, 2011, 7:54 PM by ash ‎(evermindful)‎   [ updated Aug 7, 2011, 7:56 PM ]
If I was to describe to you how I feel there is one word that I would choose above all others. That word is grateful! 

In a period of time when I live disenchanted, dispassionate, observing and analysing causality in all phenomena, I choose the word grateful. Why?

We have all lived a very long time with dust in your eyes. I would say that we have lived infinite lives but not even that would do the longevity of our karmic stream justice. This dust repeatedly prevents us from seeing the true nature of all things and becoming liberated.

So how does one remove the dust from one’s eyes? Well there is only one way and it starts with good companionship! Good companionship is not the half, but the whole of holy life. Dependent on good companionship one develops faith. With faith one approaches those who are wise. When one approaches those who are wise, one associates more frequently. With association to the wise one lends an ear. By lending an ear one listens carefully. When one listens, the teachings are established in the mind. With teaching established one examines the meaning. Through examination, conviction is developed. Through conviction, interest is aroused. With interest aroused, effort is established. With effort established there is weighing (a momentum) cable of realising the highest truth with the body and wisely penetrating it.

So who is my good companion you ask? It is and always has been my beautiful girl – my wife. It was through experiences with my wife that faith was established. She introduced me to meditation practice. I eventually started to practice and joined her on meditation retreats. If you only knew as intimately as I, how I have transformed over our 18 years of marriage you would know for yourself this is how to remove the dust.

I have had great kamma this life. Possessions and financial wealth previously came easily, Promotion and status was seamless. Praise and achievement just naturally followed after effort. And finally, pleasure increased through the years of marriage. Such is my kamma that I have married a woman that has given me the entire world. We share boundless thoughts, ideas, dreams and fantasies cognizable by the mind. The touch and warmth of her body is my most prized dwelling. Her ability to naturally maintain the most beautiful skin complexion and bodily shape arouses my eyes. Her sweet breath when we cuddle one another as we sleep at night is the most peaceful and pleasant sound. She cooks the most amazing meals with sensational aromas that delight my taste buds.

In the here and now I dwell like a king knowing that life does not get any better than this. But through insight I have experienced impermanence and discovered the truths. Through insight I am certain that my wife’s kammic stream has comforted and nurtured me life after life repeatedly countless times before. Finally, I have arrived at the point of what more could I possibly want. With such knowing disenchantment arouse and dispassion develops.

So my dearest wife, I know the attachment, the uncertainty, the anxiety, and the sloth that has overcome your body and mind. I know the thoughts of renunciation overwhelm you and bring on depressive mind states. I know that your meditation and dhamma practice is now on life support. But I urge you; please stay with me on this path to release. I am so, so grateful to you and only wish the very best for you. There is greater happiness than sense pleasures and worldly wealth. Stay with me!

With metta ash