Has having a mindfulness practice impacted your life?

posted Sep 29, 2009, 2:45 AM by ash ‎(evermindful)‎   [ updated Sep 29, 2009, 2:53 AM ]
For me mindfulness is like an awareness based sensory organ that has been turned on and added to my other sense stores. It rarely has any outages. Events are seemingly processed in slow motion.

I now constantly note the judgments cast by the ego. Even in general conversation, sitting on a train, disciplining the kids, conflicts with my wife; I note pleasant, unpleasant, good or bad emotions as they rise. I note the agitation, the anxiety that arises in everyday situations like waiting in a queue to see a doctor.

I note that I speak a lot less, my actions are more controlled. I’m getting faster at letting go of good and bad experiences. I note that I’m no longer bored and not looking for entertainment or stimulation. I note that I’m a lot more accepting of failure, my own failure and those system failures that are entirely out of my control.

To sum up, it's like I’m now watching a reality TV show of my conscious mind in real time. I see so many things that cause me to experience pain. I see my ideals, my expectations, my fears. Anything that I miss, my wife (also a mindfulness practitioner) will kindly raise to my attention.

So getting back to the original question; has having a mindfulness practice impacted your life?

Absolutely! - I take satisfaction in experiencing those moments of true freedom. I take comfort in knowing that with each mindful moment that I am chipping away at my ego. I still have a very long way to go, but I am increasingly experiencing life with less pain and more neutrality.