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posted Nov 4, 2009, 3:36 PM by ash ‎(evermindful)‎   [ updated Nov 4, 2009, 6:45 PM ]
A good friend named Bob Harding (@bob_quartz) from Twitter tweeted the following message to me with a request for comment:

@TravellingThrou @evermindful @mvturco : "reality is thought embraced by feeling"; not mine, but would appreciate comments.

Because it’s been a while since I last wrote, I thought I would couch my Twitter tweets as an article. As I develop further insight through experience I can then revisit this article and make those updates.

Note: The actual tweets may appear in abbreviated forms due to the 140 character limit.

Hi Bob,

As I was preparing to respond to your tweet I thought that your statement was only an aspect of the reality is... equation. I then started to complete the definition and organise the elements into structure, causality, freedom & personal perspectives. I hope you find this of value.

Structure perspective
  • Reality is that all form consists of earth, water, fire & wind. You, me & a rock are no more or no less beautiful than the other
  • Reality is what is above, is below; what is to the left is also to the right. ie. there is an infinite number of volatile 4-element formations (earth, wind...) in every direction
  • Reality is the experiences stimulated via the six sense bases/media

Causality perspective
  • Reality is that all phenomena will rise and pass; our life, each breath, our fears, our desires. Even the strongest metal will erode
  • Reality follows this/that conditionality principle. ie. a cause under a given condition/context will result in an effect
  • Reality is that consciousness and the body (ie. form) co-exist. ie. one cannot exist without the other
  • Reality is that the body, consciousness, feelings, perceptions & intentions are all transient; they all rise & pass
  • Reality is that the mind is at dis-ease, agitated & untamed. It constantly seeks relief in every movement you make from urination to sex
  • Reality is that at the most atomic level, we are single threaded. ie only capable of processing a single intention at a time
  • Reality is that everything follows a non-deterministic process. Within the execution of those processes we fabricate events (ie. mind moments)
  • Reality is that every mind moment follows a process. 1st there is contact between consciousness & the subject of attention
  • Reality is that every mind moment follows a process. 2nd that contact leads to a feeling
  • Reality is that every mind moment follows a process. 3rd that feeling leads to a perception
  • Reality is that every mind moment follows a process. 4th that perception is filtered through one's mastery of skillfulness
  • Reality is that every mind moment follows a process. 5th that filtered perception leads to intention
  • Reality is that although the process of experience is defined, the states within are volatile. This volatility facilitates transformation
  • Reality is that unskillful intentions keeps us bonded to the law of dependent origination

Freedom perspective
  • Reality is that there is stress, there is the origination of stress, there is the cessation of stress, and there is a path to cessation of stress
  • Reality is that the path to the cessation of stress develops one's mastery of skillfulness. This mastery feeds back into the system such that feelings, perceptions and the resultant intentions change

Personal perspective
  • Reality is that the human condition naturally cultivates greed & aversion. Develop generosity & compassion in yourself 1st, and then help others

best wishes ash

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