Rubbernecking our way to further stress

posted Nov 16, 2009, 9:08 PM by ash ‎(evermindful)‎   [ updated Nov 16, 2009, 9:18 PM ]
Just the other day I was waiting for a train at the station. There was no anxiety within, no internal pondering of whether this train is running late or not.

I was simply there on the platform looking straight ahead. Then I noticed not just 1, but several men walking past in front of me. Each of these men was rubbernecking as they walked along the platform. It wasn’t just men but some women were glancing too. What were they gawking at so intensely I wondered?

I dropped my head and shut my eyes for a moment. Attention was suddenly drawn to the breath. Concentration became acute and I lifted my head and opened my eyes. With my head locked still, I scanned the available view port with my eyes. In the top left corner of the view port I noted attractive ankles and black stilettos. I immediately closed my eyes resisting any temptation to look any further. I now noted the subject of the rubbernecker's attention. However, these rubberneckers were the subject of my attention. With my eyes closed I then contemplated what they were experiencing in those few moments as they walked past.

All parties had their eye consciousness make contact with some part of that woman’s body (ie. Form). In an instant each of us experienced pleasant feelings. However, at this point our paths diverged. I suspect the women that glanced at her noted her beauty as a perception and then let the thought go. I suspect the men that gawked at her intensely also perceived beauty among other lustful perceptions. It was clear that the resultant intention for those men was craving and clinging. As each of them walked passed their eyes locked on her until their neck strained and then they let the thought go. I was a slightly different case. My eyes only made contact with the ankles and shoes. Like the women that glanced, I too perceived beauty. However, my perception was then filtered. I then noted mindfulness which was followed by restraint. My intention became to complete this scenario skillfully via contemplation; to observe, this in a given condition resulting in that.

As I contemplated I felt compassion for those men that grasped at beauty. In those few moments they created further karma subjecting themselves to further stress.

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