posted Aug 2, 2011, 7:59 PM by ash ‎(evermindful)‎
I’m not going to beat about the bush. I’m going to give it to you straight up.

Meditation can be dangerous! Sitting there, knowing, shaping and freeing the mind is a self transformational journey and if done properly will have results. Any transformation, any change has risks! But are you and your family ready for the results? Are you sure?

I watched my father meditate as a child but it was actually my wife that got me into it in my mid 30’s. However, neither of us could have even imagined where we are today.

You start meditation because you desire relief, calm and peace in your life. You start to practice and after time you taste a bit of freedom. Yes, we all experience moments of happiness but freedom has a sweeter flavour and lasts longer. After a significant amount practice you eventually hit a fork in the road. Each path in the fork leads to a completely different place. There are no sign posts, there’s no guidance or direction for which path you should take. There is only a realisation that you cannot return from where you came and that only one path will lead to true happiness.

Upon arrival at the fork I followed the path that leads to true happiness. As you progress down this path more and more you let go of more and more. The transformational changes can be radical and the addiction for greater release can be intoxicating. You can sense the subtle emotional change within but the behavioural change without is staggering.

Everything was great except until I decided to look back for where my wife was. You need to understand, I have the perfect wife and kids; we share a highly sensual marriage and a wonderful life. We have seriously good kamma and yet I am ready to renounce it all. There lies the problem; one of us is still attached to the kids, marriage and life.

My wife and I talk a lot, a real lot. We talk about renunciation for about 3 hours each weekend on our weekend walks together. She tells me about her conflicts and I share with here my insights, the right view and the truths. I keep seeing a person who has travelled with me for aeons, a person that I am so grateful to experience such stress. I repeatedly see sensual desire, aversion, restlessness/anxiety, sloth/torpor, and the uncertainty/doubt overcome her. I keep seeing her listening to me, comprehending the rationale, yet unable to change her views. I keep seeing someone who is so kind and compassionate, someone that deserves the world, yet being informed that it is exactly her world that she needs to let go of.

I remind her that she is battling aeons of aeons of lifetimes of the same conventional views and habits. I tell her not to expect 6 months of talks with me to erode those views. I remind her that I’m here to exercise patience and stay until she is ready.

With metta ash